aquarain gravity water filter system

In the 1800s, natural spring water was probably safe to drink, but in the 21st century, even remote mountain streams are dangerous to drink. Sadly, the destruction of our environment has become a consequence of progress. Today, virtually every water source is potentially unsafe, so water filters and purifiers have become essential for good health. Since energy-free gravity filters are economical and effective, you might want to consider the AquaRain Natural Water Filter System.

The natural operation of the AquaRain is economical, safe, gravity powered, long lasting and most importantly, an effective answer for your drinking water needs! The operation of the AquaRain Gravity Water Filter is simplicity itself.  Questionable water is poured into the upper stainless steel container where gravity presses it down through the highly specialized ceramic filter elements, leaving cysts, bacteria, viruses and sediment in the outer layer of the ceramic.  After passing through the thick ceramic wall, the water trickles down through a bed of silvered coconut shell carbon which reduces pesticides, various chemicals, and chlorine (if present), along with objectionable tastes & odors.  The filtered water then drips into the lower storage container where it accumulates for easy dispensing with our handy lever-action faucet.  The ceramic elements are made of natural elements and since they can be easily cleaned, they are long lasting and very cost effective.  In your quest to find a natural process water filter, please consider the AquaRain Gravity Water Filter!

The AquaRain...the Natural Cost-Effective Solution for Safe Drinking Water

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